Our Philosophy

An image says more thn 1000 words; so we will present our phylosophy of breeding with a couple of photos from the daily life with our animals. Our foals grow in natural environment and with lots of affection. This is why they give us their unconditional trust from the beginning.

Until 3 years old, our horses live in separate mares/stallion groups. They are handled every day, and nturally lern to lead, and to tie. We follow a hoof program starting with the age of 2 months, to guarantee that our foals grow with the best possible hoofs.

All our mares are ridden and work under the saddle or in hand, this gives uns more hlues about their reactivity, sensitivity, balance and resilience, and helps decide future matings.

Nacarina Martinez Boloix x Huy yegua montada

Riding Nacarina

montando en el campo

Hacking out

De ruta por el desierto con nuestras yeguas

On Tour through the desert with our mares


The noble expression of an iberian horse

disfrutando con nuestros caballos

With two of our young colts

Yegua y potro en el desierto amplio espacio para nuestras yeguas

Open spaces for our horses

Potro en el desierto amplio espacio para nuestras yeguas y sus potros

Colt in the desert





Caballos en el desierto amplio espacio para nuestras yeguas y potros

Youngsters in the desert

Group of young stallions

Nacarina la Hua

Mares on the pasture

heno para nuestras yeguas y nuestros caballos

The best feed – we bring hay over 1200 km from Northern Spain

potro recien nacido de una de nuestras yeguas

Trust from the first moments

Handling youngters

Then, sometimes, we have to say goodbye


The first stage of schooling: relaxation


The best for advanced schooling of our horses: Juan Jesus Carreño and José Daniel Martin Dockx with Pan.

Clinic with Dani Dockx

Yo con dos de nuestras yeguas