Pan is the first male offspring of our mare Tuitys. As a 5 years old stallion, he is mastering anything you put in front of him: training, breeding, competitions, and even a Spanish National Championship competition. He has the sweetest temperament you can find in a horse, and literally nobody can walk past his stall without exclaiming: Look at him, how beautiful… and he knows. He is graceful and playful, very close to humans and well mannered. This year, our charming boy will cover 2 mares for the first time, and we are very excited to see his offspring next year.

Gepostet von Yeguada Ataya am Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018
Pan with 3 years

Foaled: April 02, 2015

Coat: Bay

Height: 1,62


Sire and dam: Gerente V x Tuitys Vista



Pan is a young stallion with a beautiful head and conformation, elasticity and natural balance, and a great work attitude. 

In his first competition year 2019, we took him to only 3 national tests for young dressage horses, ending up in the National Championship for young horses in Spain 2019, although we took it easy, with no undue pressure. 

Pan is currently in training to go up to the next level and we are very happy about his great attitude and his potential.  

Sire of Pan: Gerente V Dam of Pan: Tuitys Vista
Gerente V padre de Pan Tuitys Vista
Pan, 4 años, CDN*** Los Albardones, Medina Sidonia

Algunos momentos de Pan, 4 años, durante el CDN*** de Los Albardones, montado por Juan Jesus Carreño.Volvemos de este concurso muy contentos con Pan, sabiendo que hay cosas que mejorar, pero la base está puesta. Pan ha demostrado un comportamiento y una actitud muy buena en pista y fuera de ella en su primer concurso nacional en este gran ambiente.

Gepostet von Yeguada Ataya am Dienstag, 27. August 2019
First nationale competition for 4 years old dressage horses, Los Albardinales 2019

Dos etapas en la vida de un potro. 4,5 años entre las primeras imágenes del vídeo y las últimas. De la cría en el campo hasta su primer campeonato, que tampoco es ningun punto final, solo un punto más en el tiempo, una estación, un comienzo de una nueva etapa.

Gepostet von Yeguada Ataya am Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019
From foal to Spanish Championship for young dressage horses.