Navao has everything a Spanish horse should have: very good type and temperament, plus 3 excellent gaits with a first class trot with rythm and cadence, and a very good walk. He is without any doubt a prospect for the dressage ring and as a future breeding stallion.

Navao Vetusto JV I x Huy

Foaled: 23/04/2018


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Sire and dam: Vetusto JV I x Nacarina la Hua.

Height: 1,66-1,68 (final)

Navao’s Bloodline:

Navao is a son of Vetusto JV I, without any doubt, one of the most interesting stallions in the recent years. Once he enters a ring, anybody takes notice. He has carisma to fill the room and an absolutely outstanding quality of movement. He won all the championships he competed in as a young horse in Spain, and is now successfully competing in Grand Prix.
His oldest offspring have just started to compete now, and already in the first year, 3 of the 10 finalists in Copa Ancce for 4 years old dressage horses, were sons and daughters of Vetusto.

Navao’s dam is our mare Nacarina la Hua, a pure Martinez Boloix mare with a lot of power and a natural talent for collection. She has a very good working attitude and schools on Prix St. George level. 

Navao is not for sale. 

Navao’s sire: Vetusto JV I Navao’s dam: Nacarina la Hua
Vetusto JV I Nacarina la Hua